Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Psalm 5


Morning Prayer for Guidance
A Psalm of David, reminding us to seek God's guidance in the morning for the day ahead 

  • God is my King
  • God does not take pleasure in wickedness
  • God will not allow boasting in His sight
  • The Lord abhors the wicked
  • The Lord will lead me in righteousness and make His way straight before my face
  • The Lord will bless the righteous and surround him with a shield
  • I praise the Lord because He is my King!  
  • I praise Him that He makes His way straight for me - I don't have to grope in the darkness.  A straight way does not have sharp turns and curves - it is easy to navigate & follow!  
  • I praise the Lord because He will bless the righteous, and I am clothed in Christ's righteousness! 
  • I bless God that I am surrounded by His shield, and I praise Him that He hears my voice.
     Father, my heart is full of praise that You are my King!  Thank You that You have made Yourself known to me.  I am nothing - I am so very undeserving.  I worship You for Your goodness & mercy, for Your lovingkindess and faithfulness.
     Father, I need the spiritual discipline to start each day with prayer.  I want to give You my "first thought" of each day and look up to You, directing my voice to Your ear each morning.  Thank You that You hear my prayers - that I have an audience at Your throne.  What an unspeakable privilege - to have an ear with the God of the Universe!
    Father, I do come to You in the multitude of Your mercy - that is the only way I can come into Your house!  I pray that You will lead me, O Lord, in the way of righteousness, and make Your way straight before my face.  May I always seek Your way.  May I die to myself daily and only want You.
    Father, teach me to abhor wickedness, in myself first and foremost.  May my heart and mind not grow "accustomed" to sin, but be aware of it and turn from it.  May You bless me with a discerning spirit.
     Father, I rejoice in You.  I want to trust You more and more, and I know that the more I know You, the more I will trust You.  Thank You that You make Yourself known to us through Your word - You haven't left us in the dark.  You have made Yourself clearly known - through Your creation, through Your word, through Your Holy Spirit.  When I hear of people with great faith, I long to be like them.  Please reveal Yourself to me more and more.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and enlighten my mind and heart with the knowledge of You.
    O Lord, fill me with joy in You.  I ask for Your blessing and Your favor - for me and for my family - and pray that You will surround me with Your shield - what a wonderful place to be!
     In Jesus' Name ~ Amen


  1. Loving this, Sheri!!! Great way to start my days. Thank you! Want to figure out how to link you to my blog this week. Love ya!

  2. Thanks, Whitney - yes, please link to your blog - that would be fun! Love you!