Monday, January 10, 2011

Psalm 11


“God Tests the Sons of Men”

This is a psalm of David which reflects some crisis in which David was advised to flee because of the attack of the wicked.  David’s response – which will serve us well to take to our hearts – is to declare that the Lord is greater than the dangers of men!

Check out verse 3:  “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  This is regarding the first principals, or truths, of life – if they are destroyed, we are without hope or direction. 
"The foundation of God stands sure."  ~ II Tim. 2:19
A great point in the purpose of our Psalms study – we are meditating on the attributes of God – they are our foundation.  They never change – our God is immutable. 

“For I am the Lord – I do not change.”  Malachi 3:6

Aren't you glad we don't have to flee to the mountains for our safety !

  • God is worthy of my trust
  • God is in His holy temple; His throne is in Heaven
  • The Lord’s eye beholds the sons of men
  • The Lord tests the righteous
  • The Lord hates the wicked – He will rain coals upon them
  • The Lord is righteous; He loves righteousness
  • The Lord’s countenance beholds the upright
  • I praise the Lord for His trustworthiness.  I don’t need to flee to a mountain or find any other place of protection or escape. 
  • I praise God that He is in His holy temple, on His throne, and He will never be moved!!! 
  • I praise the Lord that, in spite of my wickedness, He has made me righteous through Jesus Christ.  Thank the Lord that His countenance beholds me.
Father, there is so much comfort in knowing that You are in Your holy temple!  When our circumstances seem so out of control, we find peace & rest in knowing that You are on Your throne; You have not moved.  We bless You in knowing that nothing reaches us except that has been filtered through Your fingers first.  So often, we lack understanding, O Lord, of Your purpose, Your plan – grant us the grace to trust in You and bring to our minds the truths we know of You when everything else seems cloudy and unclear.
Thank You that we can rest in You – that You are righteous and Your countenance beholds the upright.  Lord, we bless You that You never change – You are our foundation, and on You our footing is sure. 
          O Lord, how I long to be upright!  May my life be a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto You.  I love You, Lord!  In Jesus’ name ~ Amen

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