Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Psalm 13


"The Prayer for God’s Answer . . . Now"

How many times have we felt like David . . . wondering, where is God?  Doesn’t He see what’s going on in my life?!!  How many times have we questioned God’s timing!!  I heard a great saying once:

God’s never in a hurry, but He’s always on time!

In this Psalm, David is expressing these very feelings.  He is desperate for God’s intervention and deliverance in his particular situation.

There are several Scripture verses that reference God’s timing as “ . . . in the fullness of time . . . “  Let those words serve as reminders to us that God’s timing is perfect . . . He hasn’t forgotten us down here, and He’s not in Heaven wringing His hands about what’s going on.    Remember what we read yesterday . . . we cannot bring a "surprise" before God's throne!

I love this prayer by Ruth Harms Calkin:
Lord, I know there are countless times
When I must wait patiently for You.
Waiting develops endurance.
It strengthens my faith.
And deepens my dependence upon You.
I know You are Sovereign God --
Not an errand boy
Responding to the snap of my finger.
I know Your timing is neatly wrapped
In Your incomparable wisdom.
But, Lord,
You have appointed prayer
To obtain answers!
Even David the Psalmist cried
With confident boldness:
"It is time, O Lord, for You to act."
God, on this silent sunless morning
When I am hedged in on every side
I too cry boldly.
You are my Father, and I am Your child.
So, Lord, could you hurry a little?

  • The Lord will deal bountifully with me
  • The Lord’s mercy is trustworthy
  • The Lord’s salvation is my joy
  • My enlightenment is God’s gift
  • The Lord will stay my enemies
  • The Lord will not hide His face forever.  Even in my sorrow, He sees.
  • The Lord hears
  • The Lord opens my eyes to see – He gives me spiritual enlightenment
  • The Lord is merciful, and my salvation is the source of my joy.
  • I praise the Lord because He is faithful and will deal bountifully with me!
     O Lord, My heart is full of joy and praise!  Hear the song of my heart, O Lord, that my soul sings to You in praise!  My heart praises You that Your mercy is dependable; You are trustworthy. Father, You are worthy, and I am sorry that I love You so little.
     Do not allow my enemies to prevail over me, O God.  Keep Your angels around me and those in my family.  What comfort and security we have, being held securely in the palm of Your hand!
     Father, I pray that You will teach me to wait in You.  To wait on Your perfect timing.  It is so hard at times, O Lord! Guard me from the folly of trying to “rush” You . . . of taking matters into my own hands when I feel like You are too slow.  How silly I feel when I do this . . . how sinful to elevate myself, that I could possibly know a better plan than the God of the universe!  Lord, You are so long-suffering with Your child . . . teach me to turn everything over to You in prayer . . . to place my hopes, my plans, my dreams on the altar to You, much like Abraham did with Isaac . . . knowing, Lord, that You will provide at the perfect time. 
    In Jesus’ name I pray ~ Amen

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