Sunday, January 2, 2011

Psalm 2


Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans” ?  This is what I think of when I read Psalm 2.  The first few verses talk about nations conspiring and plotting, and that God – the One enthroned in Heaven – laughs at their plans!  I find that thought comforting when I hear of evil rulers in this world . . . our God is on His throne, and HE is in control!

  • He is the God of the Universe -all the plans the earthly rulers try to make are as nothing before Him
  • Jesus' power over the nations will be complete
  • God is trustworthy and just
  • God's Son will be honored

  • Because God is THE God of the Universe, all of the seemingly evil of this earth will not triumph
  • God's Son is worthy
  • God's blessings are available to me if I trust in the Lord

Father, how often this Psalm brings me comfort when I read the paper, hear the news, and witness the evil on this earth and the wicked acts that take place and the justice that seems thwarted.  How I praise You that You ARE the God of the Universe ~ You are the Judge of all the earth.  There is no power compared to Your power, and no earthly king shall ever share Your majesty!  How safe I feel on this earth, in the midst of wars and rumors of wars, when I consider this truth!
Father, I desire Your blessing ~ I desire it for me and for my family.  May we all place our trust in You - You are worthy.  May we all serve You with fear and rejoice before You with trembling.  I love You, Lord, and praise You that the counsels of the rulers of this world are as nothing against You!

In Jesus' Name I pray ~ Amen

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