Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Psalm 20


"Trust Not in Chariots and Horses but in God"

Remember Linus and his "security blanket?"  Are you like Linus - is there something material or worldly in which you place your trust?  Something material that gives you a sense of 'security'?  It might not be a thing - it could be a relationship, a position, a job, etc. 

King David - with his mighty army and valiant soldiers - knew that his security was not in their ability to protect him and that his battles were ultimately the Lord's.  We would do well to glean from David and recognize that our security does not lie in the "things" that we rely on in error.

  • The Lord answers in the day of trouble
  • The God of Jacob is our defender
  • The Lord knows my heart's desires - He has the power to accomplish my purpose
  • The Lord saves His anointed
  • The Lord will answer us when we call on Him
  • It is wondrous to know that the Lord answers me in the day of trouble!  He is my defense - He is the one who strengthens me.
  • The Lord knows my heart, and it is He who is able to grant the desires of my heart.  I can trust in the Lord for guidance when my desires are wrong for me, or not in accordance with God's will.
  • The Lord fulfills my petitions, and this is a wonderful mystery to me.  I know that everything I want doesn't always "come true" or happen, and that God is not some great wish-granter in the sky!  I even find safety in that because I know sometimes I want things that are not for my ultimate good or even in my best interest.  I am grateful that my God knows all things and has my good at His loving heart!  And that He is working all these things together for my good . . .
  • It is a wonderful thing to know that we don't have to trust in our horses or chariots - that our power is in the name of the Lord!   
  • I praise the Lord that my salvation rests in Him, and that He answers when I call.  What a wonderful God!
     O Lord, may You answer me in the day of trouble!  May Your ear never be deaf to my cries, and may You always answer me when I call.  Thank You that You bend Your ear to my voice - what an unspeakable privilege to have Your audience. 
     Father, I praise You that You are my defender.  May I never fear man!  Forgive me when I make man too big and You too small.
     O Lord, may You grant according to my heart's desire.  May my heart desire those things which are pleasing to You and are in accordance with Your word.  May You fulfill my purpose, and may my purpose be one which advances Your kingdom.
     Father, I never want to misplace my trust.  I never want to trust in "horses or chariots" or things of this world to save me or defend me, but only in You.  May my eyes never behold things or people as more powerful or 'safe' than You.  Be my harbor, O Lord - for me and my family.  May we always remember the name of the Lord our God!
   In Jesus' name I pray, with a thankful heart ~ Amen

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