Thursday, February 3, 2011

Psalm 35


"Petition for God's Intervention"

"Plead my cause, O Lord . . . " ~ Ps. 35:1
An "Advocate" is someone who speaks on behalf of another person, or stands alongside them, especially in a legal context.  In verse 1 of this Psalm, the words "plead my cause" is the language of the legal system.  David sees the Lord as his Advocate, the One who will fight his foes.

The word advocate is translated from the Greek word parakletos, which means an intercessor or consoler. As our intercessor, we see Jesus in a role similar to that of an attorney, standing alongside his client before the bar of justice.   One of the greatest blessings we have as Christians is that we have Jesus as our Advocate with the Father.  Jesus’ advocacy for us continues as he proceeds to apply on our behalf the sufficiency of His own merit to cover our sins.  His righteousness for my unrighteousness - how glorious is that!  Jesus has become my go-between, my Champion, before the holy & awesome God.

There are many Psalms in which David is seeking God's help for deliverance from his foes.  As King of Israel, David had many foes, and thus, many times to turn to God for deliverance.  May we all learn from David's example of dependence solely upon the Lord.  Even though he was a mighty king, with armies and valiant men to protect him & fight for him, David believed that the Lord was his only hope for deliverance.  He was not haughty in his powerful position.  Like David, we should seek salvation and deliverance from the Lord and the Lord alone. May we not seek it from the world or from ourselves, but from the One who is able to save us from any situation.

    A buckler is a small shield
    "Take hold of shield & buckler
    and stand up for my help." ~ Ps. 35:2
  • God pleads my cause!
  • God is my shield & buckler
  • God fights for me!
  • God is my salvation
  • There is none like the Lord
  • God always sees
  • God is my vindicator
  • God brings evil to confusion
  • God is to be magnified
  • I praise the Lord because HE SEES!  He is in control, even when I seemed to be surrounded by evil.
  • I praise God that I can leave my enemies to Him - He will vindicate me and strive for me
  • I praise the Lord that He is my salvation
     O righteous Father - I magnify You, O God!  May Your ear hear my praise and my prayer - may it be a sweet sound in Your ear.
     Father, my sins are many.  They overtake me at times.  Bear long with me, O God, and forgive my sins.  Thank You with a full heart that you have granted forgiveness through Your Son, Jesus Christ.  What an unspeakable gift!  How I consider it such a privilege to be Your child.
     Lord, please be my protector!  Be my guard, and don't allow my enemies to touch me.  Please plead my cause with those who strive against me.  May You always vindicate me. 
     May my tongue speak of Your righteousness and of Your praise all of my days - in Jesus' name I pray ~ Amen

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