Thursday, May 5, 2011

Psalm 119:49-56


In this stanza, the Scripture shows us that God can be trusted despite the proud and the wicked. 

David opens with a prayer that God will remember His word - and we can know with absolute certainty that God will indeed be true to that!
Thou art faithful, and therefore will perform what Thou hast promised,
and will not break Thy word.
~ M.H.

This is my comfort in my affliction,
for Your word has given me life.
~ Ps. 119:50

Regarding this verse, Matthew Henry notes that God's word 'quickens' us :
  • When we are dead in sin
  • When we are in duty
  • It quickens us to that which is good when we are backward and averse to it
  • It quickens us in that which is good when we are cold and indifferent
 Do you ever awaken in the night  with a burden?  Or can't even fall asleep because so many things are on your mind?  Things always seem to be worse in those dark hours, don't they?  Verse 55 reminds us to turn our thoughts to the Lord at these times:

I remember Your name in the night, O Lord.
~Ps. 119:55
Note the last verse of this stanza in which David sums up his thoughts:
This has become mine,
Because I kept Your precepts.
~ Ps. 119:56
Charles Spurgeon makes this note:
David had this comfort, this remembrance of God, this power to sing, this courage to face the enemy, this hope in the promise, because he had earnestly observed the commands of God, and striven to walk in them. We are not rewarded for our works, but there is a reward in them. Many a comfort is obtainable only by careful living.

God's work is its own wages.  A heart to obey the will of God is a most valuable reward of obedience.
~ Matthew Henry

  • God is faithful to His word . . . and to His people
  • God's word gives me life
  • I praise the Lord that I can trust Him to remember His word to His people  . . . and never forget
  • I bless the Lord that His word quickens me, and has given me life
     O Lord, I praise You that You remembered Your word King David, and You remember it today to me!  I bless You that I can hope upon Your word with certainty, that Your word is comfort, and has given me life. 
     Would You strengthen me, Father, to be like David - to earnestly observe Your commands and strive to walk in them daily.  May You continually fashion my heart obey Your will, and may I seek Your precepts and make Your statutes my song.  ~ In Jesus' name I pray ~ Amen

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