Saturday, March 5, 2011

Psalm 65

God’s Provision Through Nature

 This psalm of David directs us to give to God the glory of His power & goodness.  David expresses this in several ways:
I.  at God’s throne of grace
  • hearing our prayers
  • providing atonement for sin
  • satisfying the souls of His people
  • protecting and supporting them
II.  His power & sovereignty as the God of nature
  • the fixing of the mountains
  • calming the sea
  • preserving the succession of the day & night
  • making the earth fruitful
As evidenced in verse 3, David believed in the hope of the promised Messiah, and his need for a Savior:

As for our transgressions,
You will provide atonement for them. ~ Ps. 65:3

By awesome deeds in righteousness You will answer us,
O God of our salvation.  ~ Ps. 65:5
“awesome deeds” are acts of God that arouse people’s fear and respect.  Some of these awesome deeds are most evidenced in nature around us.

It's early springtime right now - the time the earth "comes alive" again.  Nature bursts forth with new life- it is a wonderful testimony to God our Creator!  
You visit the earth and water it.  ~ Ps. 65:9
This is a typical Biblical expression to say that God is present and active in His world.

Matthew Henry makes this note concerning verse 9:
God’s blessings, even spiritual ones, are expressed by His raining righteousness upon us.  The common blessing of rain from Heaven and fruitful seasons is described here.
Our hearts are dry and barren unless God Himself be the dew to us and water us.

O God of our salvation . . . You who still the noise of the seas,
The noise of their waves.  ~ Ps. 65:5-7
  • God is SOVEREIGN - over His people, over His earth, over the affairs of my life.  What rest & peace is there in this truth!
  • God hears our prayer
  • God provides atonement for our iniquities
  • God answers us in awesome deeds of righteousness
  • God's power & dominion is displayed throughout the earth
  • He is the God of my salvation
  • I praise the Lord that He is sovereign - there is no "maverick molecule" in all creation that is not under God's authority.  There is great comfort in that, especially when circumstances & situations seem out of control. 
  • The valleys are covered with grain;
    They shout for joy, they also sing.  ~Ps. 65:13
  • I praise God for the beauty of His creation, and for the way it speaks to my heart revealing its Maker. 

Summer and winter and springtime and harvest -
Sun, moon, and stars in their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifold witness
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.
Great is Thy Faithfulness
~ Thomas Obediah Chisholm

    O Lord, like King David, how I bless You that You hear my prayer. Praise is awaiting You in my heart and in my soul.  Bless You that You have chosen me as Your child, that I am able to approach You in prayer and that I will one day dwell in Your courts, satisfied with the goodness of Your house.
     Father, as spring awakens, I praise You for the glory of Your handiwork in nature, and for how it draws me to You.  The beauty of Your creation sings of Your testimony to Your people, and I love this beautiful season!  I marvel at the wonder of it all . . . the bud that unfolds to a gorgeous flower, the animal babies that are born, the rich colors that spring forth from the brown winter.  You are indeed the God of renewal - You have "renewed" my spirit within me from one of sin to one of righteousness through Christ.  Thank You, O Lord . . . my heart shouts & sings for joy!  In Jesus' name ~ Amen

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