Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Psalm 132

Trust in the God of David

Psalm 132 is a royal psalm with an emphasis upon the Davidic covenant and the Ark of the Covenant. 
It contains
  • a statement of David's anxious care to build a house for the Lord (Ps 132:1-7);
  • a prayer at the removal of the Ark (Ps 132:8-10);
  • and a pleading of the divine covenant and its promises (Ps 132:11-18).
Below gives an outline of the covenant God made with David, which David is remembering in his opening verse and prayer:  "Lord, remember David and all his afflictions."  The afflictions of David here meant those which came upon him as a godly man, his endeavours to maintain the worship of Jehovah, and to provide for its decent and suitable celebration.

The Davidic covenant – the covenant with David is the 4th of the theocratic covenants, which pertain to the rule of God.  In this covenant, David is promised 3 things:
1.       A land forever
2.       An unending dynasty
3.       An everlasting kingdom

The role of David’s son Solomon is to establish the throne of the Davidic kingdom forever.  His throne continues, though his seed is cursed in the person of Jeconiah who was the king under whom the nation was carried captive to Babylon.  Jeremiah prophesies that no one whose genealogical descent could be traced back to David through Jeconiah and Solomon would ever sit on David’s throne.
The ark served as a visible reminder of God's presence with the Hebrew people.  The mercy seat, covered with gold, symbolized God's throne and His rule in the hearts of those who acknowledge Him as their Sovereign Lord.

Joseph, the legal but not physical father of Jesus, traces his lineage to David through Jeconiah.  David, however, had another son Nathan.  His line was not cursed.  Mary, the physical mother of Jesus, traces her lineage back to David through Nathan.

Notice the care and the extent to which God goes to keep His word and to prepare its truthfulness. 

The virgin birth guarantees that one of David’s line will sit on David’s throne and rule forever, while at the same time preserving intact the curse and restriction on the line of descent through Jeconiah. 

The Lord has sworn in truth to David;
He will not turn from it.
~Ps. 132:11
For the Lord has chosen Zion;
He has desired it for His dwelling place.
~ Ps. 132:13
  • Ours is a covenant-keeping God
  • God's word is sure, and He is faithful to it
  • The Lord has chosen Zion and the children of Israel . . . and He has chosen me!
  • I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to His word
  • I praise God that He is the keeper of the covenants, and for the unconditional love of God to keep His word even though my faithfulness is weak & faltering
PRAYER:  I thought this prayer by F. B. Meyer was so applicable to Psalm 132 - clearly God chose David and made a covenant with Him, and clearly God chose Israel to be His people.  And clearly God chose me to be His child - F.B. Meyer expresses thankfulness for this very thing:
Lord God Almighty, how shall I ever sufficiently thank You for adopting me into Your family and making me one of Your children?  You have taught me to know You, pray to You, and love You.  You are my shield and my great reward.  Bless me, and fill me evermore with the Spirit of Your Son.  Amen and amen!

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