Sunday, June 19, 2011

Psalm 150

Praise the Lord!

In Psalm 150, the psalmist shows us:
  • for what God is to be praised (v. 1-2)
  • how God is to be praised (v. 3-5)
  • who must praise the Lord (v. 6)
The word "praise" (or "hallelujah!") is named 13 times in this brief psalm. 

To praise God is to acknowledge the glories of His excellent Person.  It differs somewhat from thanksgiving, which describes what God has done rather than what He is.  As Psalm 150 concludes our study and much of the psalms have dealt in praise of God, below is are some of the facts about praise we've seen:
  • God alone is worthy of our praise (Ps. 18:3, 113:3)
  • It is His will for us that we praise Hm (Ps. 50:23)
  • This praise should be continuous and also public (Ps. 34:1, 71:6, 22:25)
  • We are to praise God for His holiness, grace, goodness, and kindness (Ps. 135:3, Ps. 138:2)
  • All nature praises God ((Ps. 148:7-10)
  • The sun, moon, and stars praise Him (Ps. 19:1, 143:3)
  • The angels praise Him (Ps. 148:2)
  • On occasion God uses even the wrath of men to praise Him (Ps. 76:10)
We've seen that the last 6 psalms each conclude with "Hallelujah!"  Some Bible translations say "Praise the Lord!"  That is because the final 6 psalms are wholly taken up in praising God and there is not a petition in them. 

Praise Him for His mighty acts. ~ Ps. 150:2
In these deeds of power we see Himself. These doings of His omnipotence are always on behalf of truth and righteousness. His works of creation, providence, and redemption all call for praise; they are His acts of might, therefore let Him be praised for them.  (~Spurgeon)

Praise him according to His excellent greatness. ~ Ps. 150:2
His being is unlimited, and His praise should correspond therewith. He possesses a plenitude of greatness, and therefore He should be greatly praised.

There is nothing little about God, and there is nothing great apart from him. If we were always careful to make our worship fit and appropriate for our great Lord how much better should we sing! How much more reverently should we adore! Such excellent deeds should have excellent praise.
~  Spurgeon, Treasury of David

Verses 3-5 describe a ministry of instrumental music.  How do you do on Sunday mornings at church - do you sing loudly, with a heart of praise?  God is to be praised with trumpet, harp, and cymbals - with brass, strings, and percussion instruments.  
The book of Psalms ends with this verse:
Praise ye the Lord - Hallelu-jah.  ~ Ps. 150:6

Thus, at the end of all the trials, the conflicts, the persecutions, the sorrows, the joys recorded in this book, the psalmist gives utterance to feelings of joy, triumph, transport, rejoicing;

and thus at the end of all - when the affairs of this world shall be closed - when the church shall have passed through all its trials, shall have borne all its persecutions, shall have suffered all that it is appointed to suffer -

when the work of redemption shall be complete, and all the ransomed of the Lord shall have been recovered from sin, and shall be saved - that church, all heaven, the whole universe, shall break forth in one loud, long, triumphant Hallelujah.  ~ Barnes

 H A L L E J A H !

  • God is worthy of the praise of His people - in all things and in all ways
  • God's acts are mighty
  • God's greatness is excellent

  • I praise the Lord for the glories of His excellent Person!
  • I praise God for the book of Psalms and how He has revealed Himself - His nature, His attributes, His glory, His Redemption & love of His people - to us through the writings of this book
     O Lord, hear my voice, accept my praise, receive my love for You.  How my heart is full of gratitude, overwhelmed by Your mercy & lovingkindness towards me.  Thank You for Your Word - that You reveal Yourself to us through it.  The Psalms are a glorious contemplation of Your majesty and all of Your greatness, and I thank You for the spiritual refreshment in my soul through the meditation of all 150 of them.       
      Keep Your word alive and fresh in my mind & memory forever - may I hide Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You and that I might grow in the grace & knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray ~ Amen

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